JCIA BIGDr is a chemical risk assessment support portal provided by the Japan Chemical Industry Association.
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    •JCIA : Japan Chemical Industry Association
    •BIGDr : The Base of Information Gathering, sharing & Dissemination for risk management of chemical products

Use of BIGDr Contents

Contents of BIGDr (*some exceptions) are available to all users.
* The risk assessment tool (GSSMaker) and related pages are available only to registered users for the purposes of security securement and user support.

How to access the Registered Users Only Contents

Only affiliated companies (overseas subsidiaries etc.) of JCIA Association Member are allowed to access “Registered Users Only Contents” at this moment*. An ID and a Password (PW) issued by JCIA to the Association Member are required to access Registered Only Contents.
* Current English version of BIGDr is trial edition with respect to the tool. Accordingly, the right to access “Registered Users Only Contents” is currently limited to affiliated companies of JCIA Association Member. After this trial period, it is expected to expand the right other than the affiliated companies.

How to Register

  • STEP 1: If your parent company is affiliated with JCIA, please contact a person or division in charge of chemical management of your parent company for an ID and a PW
  • STEP 2: JCIA Association Member (parent company) applies for a registration of its affiliated company to JCIA.
  • * Your parent company needs to register JCIA BIGDr (Japanese version) first if your parent company is not already registered.
  • STEP 3: JCIA issues an ID and a PW for the affiliated company.
  • STEP 4: The ID and PW are provided via Association Member (parent company).
For any questions, information, and requests, please contact us
  1. through “JCIA Association Member (parent company)”.
  2. via “Inquiry of BIGDr (Japanese version)” in Japanese.
* Due to the overload, we are currently accepting inquiries in Japanese only. We apologize for your inconvenience. The requests will be preferentially implemented in the version upgrades of BIGDr.

Overall Image of JCIA BIGDr

JCIA BIGDr builds broad support for chemical management including GPS/JIPS. The bureau of JCIA and Mizuho Information and Research Institute operate this website.
    GPS/JIPS: GPS = Global Product Strategy, JIPS = Japan Initiative of Product Stewardship (see JCIA GPS/JIPS portal site (Japanese))


“Links” updated.
“ICCA Safety Summary of Japan” updated.
“ICCA Safety Summary of Japan” updated.
“Hazard Information Database” updated (J-Global).
“Practice of Risk Assessment”, “Risk Assessment Tools” and “ICCA Safety Summary of Japan” updated.
English version of BIGDr launched.